Historical Committee

The McKellar Historical Committee is a committee under the Township of McKellar Council.  The Historical Committee seeks to preserve the history of McKellar and provide education on the cultural legacy of the Township.

The McKellar Historical Committee meets monthly the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in McKellar Township Council Chambers.

Historical Committee Members:

Debbie Zulak: Council Representative
Vivian Moore: Chairperson
Jean Kingston: Secretary
Kathryn Plunkett
Joyce Hopkins
Carolyn Phillips
Irva Stewart
Ted Stroud

The McKellar Historical Committee

Preserving the Past in the Present for the Future

Collecting, Preserving & Displaying Artifacts and Historical Information & Documents

Other ongoing projects:

Historical Websites, Walking Tour Booklet of McKellar Village, Collection of Barn Histories and Photos, McKellar Elders Tablebook, Gathering and Digitizing McKellar Stories, Driving Tour, Disseminating Information – Special Events, Genealogy Workshop, Heritage Christmas Pageants, Anniversary Celebrations, Pioneer School Days, Doors Opens, Displays at Various Events

For more information visit the McKellar Historical Website or the Evelyn Watkins Moore Heritage Room Website:


Log onto Facebook and search for Township of McKellar Mosaic.
As part of the Township of McKellar’s celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary since Confederation, we are asking that you contribute to ensuring that everyone in Canada knows about McKellar’s place in the fabric that comprises the country. Please comment and send photos and videos that capture what you believe to be the essence of McKellar, past and present. Your contributions may be added to a future video that presents and promotes a year in the life of the community.

Donation Form: 

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2018 Minutes
Historical Committee Minutes March 7, 201820 KB
Historical Committee Minutes Feb 7, 201822 KB
2017 Minutes
Historical Committee Minutes - Nov 9, 201760 KB
Historical Committee Minutes - October 4, 201769 KB

Historical Committee Minutes August 30 2017

Historical Committee Minutes June 7 2017 (27 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes  May 3 2017

Historical Committee Minutes April 5 2017 (25 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes March 1 2017 (49 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes February 1 2017 (28 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes January 11 2017 (26 KB)


Historical Committee Minutes October 5 2016 (32 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes August 31 2016 (39 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes June 1 2016 (33 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes May 4 2016 (34 KB)

Historical Committee Minutes Feb 3 2016 (45 KB)




Historical Room Donation Form
Historical Room Donation Form
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