Recyclable Fibers

  • Newspapers, magazines, fine paper (office paper), paperback books:
  • Including: envelopes, writing paper, copy paper, advertisements, junk mail, glossy flyers, catalogues, telephone books.
  • Box board, paper bags, fibrous egg cartons:
  • Including: cereal boxes, detergent boxes, shoe boxes, paper/toilet cardboard rolls, etc.
  • Milk/juice cartons: Rinse out.

Recyclable Containers

  • Glass Bottles and Jars: Rinse food and beverage bottles and jars. Metal lids may go back on jars, labels are acceptable. Do not put in bags.
  • Steel/Aluminum cans, foil and trays: Include metal food and beverage containers, clean aluminum foil and trays (i.e. pie plates). Rinse, remove sharp lids, place lids inside cans and pinch tops to secure lid. Do not put in bags.
  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Tubs: Include plastic pop, detergent and similar bottles or items. Discard tops and rinse.
  • Empty Paint Cans: Scrape dry and remove lid.

Buy in bulk to reduce unwanted packaging and save money.

Look for returnable bottles and reusable containers and shopping bags.

Put all organic matter in a separate container so that it can be turned into compost. Composters may be purchased from most hardware stores. Leaf and yard waste may be composted also. Composting reduces the need for expensive chemical fertilizers and turns the waste into a dark nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Diverting organic waste from our landfill not only saves money and valuable land, it also reduces the production of methane.

Try to make arrangements with charitable organizations to pick up used clothing, furniture and serviceable appliances.

Try to make arrangements with wrecking yards to pick up used vehicles, boats and trailers etc.


This service is provided to the rate payers of the Township of McKellar in efforts to divert items from entering landfill sites and redistribute them free of charge to people who can use them.

GUIDELINES:  Items being dropped off must be in usable condition and are subject to approval of the attendant.  Any item taken is “at your own risk” and the Township of McKellar does not assume any responsibility for these items.

Aluminum cans may be dropped off at the McKellar Fire Department Station #2, 710 Hurdville Road. Proceeds are used to buy fire fighting equipment.